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A DUI Lawyer in Woodland Hills with over 35 Years Experience & Former District Attorney for LA

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Have you been accused of a crime? Have you or someone you know been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor?


Call the Professional Law Office of Fred S. Bien, where you will receive the benefit of over 35 years of experience and knowledge from a tough, dedicated criminal lawyer who understands how terrifying your predicament can be.

Fred S. Bien has been practicing criminal law in Southern California for over 35 years. Our office consists of 1 lawyer and 2 investigators, both of whom have had prior law enforcement experience, and a superlative support staff of 7 people that are always available to answer any of our clients' questions on a 24/7 basis.

24/7?  Yes!  Fred Bien, in fact, Fred is highly regarded as a Criminal Law Expert, and we realize that a quick response to our clients' need for communication is critical in helping to allay their fears and anxieties.

That is why, even if you call after regular business hours, our service will contact our staff immediately, who will then take your number, and with 15 minutes we will return your call!  Fred is very serious about looking out for you.

You won't find as much expertise, dedication or experience anywhere else, as you will with Mr. Fred S. Bien. You see, our backgrounds go much deeper than just practicing criminal law.

Let's face it, sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know, that will make the difference in the successful defense for the client's case.  Besides their knowledge, our criminal lawyers have long-term, well-established relationships with judges and prosecutors and Fred brings all that to you!

Fred will meet with you to discuss your legal situations, answer all the questions that you have, and suggest certain strategic defenses he could use to your benefit, according to the information you have provided.

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Fred's main goal is to offer the highest-quality legal representation by a criminal lawyer...
at a reasonable fee.

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